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The most recent position postings are included below:


This is not a complete listing. There may be other NCDPI school systems seeking interns who did not respond to this voluntary survey. Also, some districts will not know a final decision regarding their ability to support an intern position until the Spring semester. Individual system postings


NCSPA’s vision is that all school districts in North Carolina will have school psychologists who receive the support needed to provide comprehensive school psychological services to support children and families. To support that vision, jobs are posted on the NCSPA website,  

In order to increase the appeal of the job listings in North Carolina, NCSPA will post available positions for school psychologists for specific Public School Units (PSU) for free for twelve months. All other job postings can be purchased for a fee. NCSPA currently only posts school psychology and school psychology trainer positions within the state of North Carolina.

Please complete this form to post positions/internships available. NCSPA currently only posts positions within the state of North Carolina. Responsibility for the content of posts rests with the specific Employer.

For an additional resource to find school psychology jobs in North Carolina, see the NC School Psychology Website. For national job listings, please see the NASP Career Center.