Equity Committee

The Equity Committee exists to support the NCSPA Executive Board and the Association with using a racial equity lens to examine NCSPA’s current structures and framework, to provide suggestions to the NCSPA Executive Board to create a more equitable framework of practice, and to support the Association with crafting and implementing priorities put into place. The Equity Committee supports the Association with action-oriented work, critical reflection and analysis, and implementation of the Commitment to Equity. The Equity Committee was born out of the Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee, which was formed in 2021. The Ad Hoc Committee examined NCSPA’s structures and framework (bylaws, Operations Handbook, committee artifacts, culture and climate) and provided a list of recommendations to the NCSPA Executive Board to improve racial equity. 

The Equity Committee shall: 

  • examine NCSPA’s historical and current structures and framework in order to make recommendations to the Executive Board for improving equity practices
  • support the NCSPA Executive Board with prioritizing recommended actions
  • craft and implement prioritized actions, at the direction of the Executive Board 
  • provide feedback and data to the Executive Board in order to support monitoring progress and fidelity with actions implemented
  • evaluate the Association’s equity practices in partnership with the Executive Board
  • support NCSPA leaders and Association members with engagement in the personal work of deepened understanding and self-reflection in order to engage more effectively in equity work

At this time, the Equity Committee continues to focus specifically on supporting the Board with actions to improve racial equity. The Equity Committee is meeting in March to review recommended actions and to support the Board with identifying future priorities. 

If you are interested in joining the Equity Committee or would like to learn more, email Jackie Zins at [email protected]

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