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8:00am - 9:15am - Welcome & National and State School Safety Updates
Dr. Jim Deni
NCSPA President

Dr. Stephanie Ellis
NCSPA President-Elect
NCSPA School Safety and Crisis Response Committee Chair

Karen Fairley
Executive Director of NC Center for Safe Schools

9:20am - 12:30pm - Preventing and Intervening with Bullying
Dr. Amanda Nickerson

Bullying is an issue of concern for individual perpetrators and victims, as well as the peer group, 

family, school, and larger society. This workshop will describe the forms of bullying that youth engage in, the factors that contribute to it, and the short- and long-term outcomes associated with bullying. The focus will be on an evidence-based framework for preventing and intervening with bullying in schools. Resources will be highlighted for implementing comprehensive school-based prevention programming. Participants will also learn strategies for working with perpetrators, victims, and bystanders.

1:00pm - 4:00pm - The Martinsburg Initiative:  A Police, School, Community, Health, and Education Partnership to Prevent Substance Use, Build Strong Families, and Empower the Community
Margaret Kursey, MA

The Martinsburg Initiative (TMI; see attached) is based on “the science of ACES;” "a community-based model developed in Martinsburg, West Virginia, that implements a comprehensive approach to adverse childhood experiences and substance use prevention and mitigation by leveraging partnerships in public health and health care, public safety, and education…The model uses touch points across multiple community sectors in the city of Martinsburg to break the cycle of trauma and substance use across the life span.”