Professional Practices

The Professional Practices Committee exists to minimize ethical and legal dilemmas by collecting resources and providing guidance to NCSPA members on professional activities specific to school psychological service provision.

Topic Briefs

Professional Practice Papers

Additional Resources

  • Contract Work - Guidance for the implementation of SB-113 allowing School Psychologists to work within the scope of their DPI license in contracting with public school units.
    *NOTE: To be employed by third party contract
     agencies, school psychologists must hold an NC Psychology Board license. See NC Psychology Board FAQs for more information.  

The Professional Practices Committee shall:

  • present professional practice Topic Briefs written by the Committee to the Executive Board for approval prior to dissemination to the membership at large.
  • review all NCSPA Professional Practice Papers and Topic Briefs each year. Any paper that is over 5 years old will be brought to the Executive Board for consideration. The Executive Board will determine if the paper should be continued as is, continue with modifications, or withdrawn.
  • provide the membership with additional resources on the NCSPA website.
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