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Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership: This type of membership is designed to assist Public School Units (PSU) with developing, supporting, and sustaining the professional practices of all student service personnel, especially school psychologists. NCSPA offers opportunities for professional development for all student services personnel, recognizes the work of individuals and PSU, and emphasizes leadership development. Institutional membership exemplifies a commitment to continued professional learning and networking, a message that is appreciated by current and prospective employees. Benefits of institutional membership are comprehensive, and are designed to benefit the PSU as well as the individual member.

Benefits In addition to the benefits enjoyed by individual members of NCSPA,

  1. Institutional Members are eligible to have job opportunities posted directly on the NCSPA website and in the monthly newsletter
  2. Institutional Members have the opportunity to host NCSPA events to support Professional Development of all members
  3. Institutional Members enjoy exclusive opportunities during the Fall Conference, such as complimentary interview space, recognition in the Program Book, and discounts on exhibiting fees.

 Criteria – To qualify for Institutional Membership, a PSU must purchase at least 10 memberships:

  1. Practitioner memberships are available for school psychologists
  2. Associate memberships are available for school counselors and school social workers.
  3. Affiliate memberships are available for other school personnel such as school nurses, MTSS Coordinators, Principals, etc.

Membership dues vary by the number of memberships sought. It is not necessary for a PSU to purchase memberships for all full time psychologists.

Institutional Membership discounts

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