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October 23-25, 2022                Cary, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Registration

Question: Who should come to this conference?
Answer: The target audience is NCSPA members and other school psychologists, as well as counselors, social workers, exceptional children’s professionals, case managers, therapists, and other school­-related professionals are welcome to attend. 

Question: What if I need to modify my registration?
Answer: Unlike in years past, you do not have the ability to self-modify your registration. If you need to switch sessions, please let us know by October 19, 2022. 

Question: What if I need to cancel my registration?
Answer: Your registration fees will be refunded, but out of respect of your fellow learners, please cancel as soon as you know you will not be able to attend.To cancel your registration, please contact us

Question: How many credits can I earn?
Answer: Please see the "Credits" page to learn more about the continuing education hours offered by the NCSPA Fall Conference.

Question: What if I need an additional service due to a disability?
Answer: Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, we will provide aids and services. But we need to know. Please let us know by October 1, 2022.


Question: What are the conference rates?
Answer: Please check the "Fees" page. NCSPA members receive a significant discount. If you’re not a member,
you should really consider joining

Question: Do I save money as a member?
Answer: You bet! A lot of money actually... so if you want to become a member of NCSPA click here.

Question: Do I save money by registering early?
Answer: Definitely!! Early registration must be received by September 24, 2022 to take advantage of the discount. After this date you may still register online. On­site registration will also be available. Even if you're not sure your PSU will pay for the conference, register early and save your spot and avoid the additional fees for registering at the conference. If your PSU doesn't end up paying, you will still save yourself a lot of money! If your PSU is paying, please select to pay by check. Then remit check to NCSPA. Please postmark payment by October 15, 2022. All payment is due at check-­in.

Question: My district will be paying for the conference. What do I need to do?
Answer: On the payment page, select to receive an invoice. Then print that invoice and, with whatever
other paperwork your district requires, submit it to your finance office. They should then submit a check payable to NCSPA. It needs to be sent to PO Box 12661, Durham, NC 27709 and needs to be postmarked by October 15, 2022.

Question: What if I don't know if my district will pay?
Answer: Preregister to get the early-­bird discount, indicating on the payment page that you will pay by check. If your PSU does end up paying, they'll thank you for saving them money. If your district doesn't offer to pay, you can still come but pay your own way or you can cancel for no charge.

Question: Do students receive a discount?
Answer: Yes! If you are already a member of NCSPA, the discount will be applied automatically. If you're not, then on the payment page, enter the discount code "student" and you will receive a 60% discount on registration fees. Your student status will be confirmed by the conference committee.

Question: Does it cost to park at the hotel?
Answer: Yep. $10 a night

But Wait....

Question: I still have questions...
Answer: Contact us! We'll be happy to find an answer for you.

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