Full Membership

Full Members shall have voting and office holding privileges. Once Full Member status has been established, that status shall not be altered due to change in work setting or job description during that membership year. Upon application, exceptions to the above will be considered by the Membership Manager.

  1. Practitioner. A type of Full Membership open to residents of, or employees within, North Carolina, who:
    • have a minimum of a Master’s degree in school psychology or education, or are a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP), and are certified by a state department of education in school psychology and/or by the NC Psychology Board, and are delivering psychological services in North Carolina, or
    • have faculty status in an approved school psychology program and are involved for a portion of their time in the training of school psychologists. Practitioner memberships are available for school psychologists.
    Membership Dues: $95 ($5 discount for attestation of NASP membership)

  2. Emeritus Member. A type of Full Membership open to individuals who attest that they do not anticipate being employed as school psychologists, full- or part-time, in any setting, during the membership year.
    Membership Dues: $55

  3. Patron Member. A type of Full Membership open to individuals who wish to support the Association with an additional financial contribution.
    Membership Dues: $125

  4. Transitional Member. A type of Full Membership open to school psychologists in North Carolina during their first year of practice following graduate school.
    Membership Dues: $55




Membership year is August 1-July 31. Regardless of the date that membership dues are paid by members, they are to be paid for the full year. If a membership has lapsed, the person must reapply as a new member.