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Apply for a NCSPA Mini Grant!

NCSPA and the Awards Committee is thrilled to announce a new adventure! We will now be offering Mini Grants to NCSPA members! The application can be found here NCSPA Mini Grant Application.


NCSPA encourages the provision of mental health services in schools through the use of Mini-Grants of up to five-hundred dollars. Funding is available to encourage school psychologists to implement a new mental health program, support therapeutic group activities, or to enhance the school psychologist’s own capabilities to provide mental health services.

Grants might be awarded to support purchases of therapeutic or educational videotapes, therapeutic curricula, relation tapes, resource books, workshop refreshments, etc. Grants can also be used to provide basic needs for individual students such as for clothing, eyeglasses, book bags, school supplies, etc.

There are 3 types of Mini-Grants:

  • One-hundred dollars towards Basic Needs
  • One-hundred and fifty dollars towards Mental Health Supplies (or up to four-hundred dollars for workshop refreshments)
  • Five-hundred dollars towards a Mental Health Startup

Application and Selection Process:

Mini-Grants are awarded only to NCSPA members.

The application should include as many of the following components as are relevant:

  • Applicant’s name, address, phone numbers, email address and employer
  • Potential benefits to children
  • Description of need to be addressed
  • A list of materials needed and a proposed budget
  • Prevention methods utilized
  • Description of the intervention to be implemented

The materials requested must support the intervention to be used (assessments will not be funded). The proposed interventions are, to the extent possible, evidence-based.

Mini-Grant applications are submitted to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee will review the first three applications submitted and if all of the applications meet the requirements, the Awards Committee will make a recommendation to the Executive Board to affirm the funding. The Awards Committee Chair will notify the applicant of the funding decision. If the Mini-Grant application is approved, half of the funds will be distributed immediately. (A copy of the letter indicating approval and amount of the grant is sent to the Treasurer so the initial funds can be disbursed.) The remaining half will be distributed when receipts are submitted for reimbursement. Reimbursement is requested using the NCSPA Reimbursement Form; it is signed by the Awards Committee Chair and submitted to the Treasurer for payment.

Within six months of receiving a Mini-Grant, the awardee agrees to submit a report on how the funds were used to NCSPA for inclusion in the newsletter. The primary focus of the mini-grant program is not to enhance one’s professional library.